You love Systemd – you just don’t know it yet, wink Red Hat bods

10 mei 2018

Red Hat Summit Senior Red Hat techies this week urged Red Hat Enterprise Linux sysadmins to give Systemd a chance if they haven’t already taken the software to heart.

At the 2018 Red Hat Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday, Linux container product manager Ben Breard, and senior principal engineer and Systemd co-creator Lennart Poettering, talked up the virtues of Systemd over plain old init.

First, a bit of background

On traditional Unix-flavored systems, init is the first process to execute, runs various shell scripts and programs to start up the computer, provides a set of scripts to control running services, and becomes the parent and grandparent of future processes. Systemd is a replacement of the classic init system, is written in C as an application rather than a collection of shell scripts, has various modern features missing from classic init, and was gradually adopted by Linux distributions, kicking out its predecessor.

Systemd is controversial because, some argue, as a centralized application suite it goes against the Unix philosophy of having lots of little programs that each do one thing particularly well. Some folks also resented having what looked like a reinvented wheel – complete with its own weird bugs and vulnerabilities and new command syntaxes – forced on them without much say in the matter. It also became a crucial dependency for many software packages, locking people into it. It renamed network interfaces so they would have predictable names. It held no prisoners.

Poettering once upon a time wrote a blog post defending the software, and clashed with Linux kernel chief Linus Torvalds for good measure. Meanwhile, Torvalds has made his thoughts on Systemd clear.

It’s a pretty polarizing debate: either you see

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