What Partners Need to Know About HP, Inc.

7 april 2018

In the channel, HP, Inc. is a storied vendor that has relationships in the channel that go back decades, So after a few troubling years and being spun off from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), there are a lot of partners benefiting from HP. But as significant as that turnaround might be for both HP and its partners, HP is making it clear that business as usual in the channel is no longer acceptable. Instead of focusing on transactional sales, HP is now encouraging partners to establish more contractual relationships with customers that deliver IT as a service. It’s not apparent just yet how many partners can make that transition. Many customers themselves are not prepared to give up control of the management of their IT environment. But in time, HP is betting that as the notion of the digital office takes hold, more organizations will conclude that they are better off letting a vendor manage as many of their devices as possible. That shift may put HP in conflict with some managed service providers (MSPs) that already offer similar services. But HP contends that many of those same MSPs will ultimately find it more profitable to resell a service from HP versus continuing to invest their own capital in a custom MSP environment.

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