Evolution: Finally an Event Name That Makes Channel Sense

7 april 2018

Channel Partners Evolution Conference brought together thousands of IT and telecom channel partners. Here’s perhaps the most important takeaway.

“Evolution” is defined as “a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development.” So it is really no wonder that the team at Channel Partners chose to change their “Cloud Summit” conference to the “Evolution” conference instead.

Why is it no wonder? Because evolution is what’s required in the channel, or should I say the channels.

The Channel Partners Evolution Conference was held from September 25-27, 2017 in Austin, Texas. Attending were members of the telecom channel as well as many from the IT channel. Exhibiting at the show were many carriers and other providers of telecom services. Also exhibiting were more IT vendors than before. One major manufacturer of routers, switches and other network equipment had nothing more than a table and chair. No booth. Little collateral. Signs of a nascent presence that can only grow.

Tale of Two Channels

Evolution is an excellent opportunity to witness the difference between the telecom and IT channels close-up. Viewed from the end-customer back, they look like this:

IT Channel

Customer – Companies large and small, usually connecting with either LoB or IT managers

Reseller/Solution Provider/VAR/Systems Integrator – Primarily in business to deliver technology solutions yielding high business value and solving operational and other challenges. Cloud is seen as a selection of remote computing services that significantly reduce customer price while providing higher service levels. Cloud is also often viewed as a threat because it replaces hardware and software sales with lower revenue services paid out over time.

Distributor – Originally referred to as “Aggregator” because they served the function of reducing initial price of products by aggregating the purchases of all the Reseller/Solution Provider/VAR/Systems Integrators they served. Their primary function is to warehouse large quantities of products from many manufacturers ready

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